Salwar Kameez Readymade

Shalwar Kameez is the traditional clothing of people in Central Asia, it is a set of normally 3 Pieces, The top, Trousers and scarf, These three things combined make a Shalwar Kameez 3PC set, You can buy just material which is referred to normally as an "Unstitched Suit"  or you can get the items ready to wear which is referred to as "Stitched" or "Readymade" which is what our collection is below, these items come in Varying Materials such as Lawn, Linen in the Summer Months and Velvet in the winter Months.

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Rayon & Organza Shalwar Kameez GP2670
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Winter Wool Mix Shalwar Kameez BE2589
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M- 38" In stock
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XXL-44" Out of stock
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Linen Shalwar kameez BE2573
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Shawl Suits Pakistani Readymade BE2493 Blue grey
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